Helping Kids Deal with Change 1

Helping Kids Deal with Change

I wrote this article for my own children and how they can deal with change.  Hopefully you can find it helpful as well.

Dear Son,

Your life is like an adventure, and you’re the lead character.

Think about a lot of the stories you know, where the characters go on adventures.

Sometimes they’re happy, sometimes they’re sad. Sometimes they’re safe and sound at home, other times they are doing new things, or are even in a scary place.

Other times, they find new places to explore and awesome treasures.

Your life is a lot like that even though right now it may not seem like it because you are still very young.

Most times your life feels safe and stable.

However, every once in a while something in your life will change.

Life Changes

You’ll do something that you’ve never done before, or have to go someplace you’ve never been.

Maybe it’s going to a new school. Maybe it’s moving. Maybe it’s going to a class where you don’t know anyone, or maybe it’s just being someplace where you feel you’re all alone.

Experiences like these are normal and all part of your journey.

They may make you nervous to think about and make you uncomfortable when you’re experiencing them, but they’re normal and an inescapable part of being human.

They’re part of your journey.

Remember – you’re the main character in your own story. If life didn’t have these ups and downs it would be a very boring story, wouldn’t it?

You’ll Become More than Your Are Now

Each time you encounter something that scares you, or that you aren’t sure about, and you face it rather than run away from it, you’ll grow.

You’ll become stronger. You will become more than you are today.

Just like your body grows – how you were once a baby, then a toddler, then a kindergartener and beyond — your body grew bigger and bigger.

The thing is – your mind and how you see life will also change.

You’ll realize you’re much more than you currently think you are.

Being Scared is Normal

It may make you scared thinking about all the stuff that you may have to handle in your life, but that’s normal.

You’ll rise to the challenge and become stronger and better. You’ll be able to take on bigger problems and challenges that come your way.

For instance, when you have to face problems as a teenager, you will have already faced many other problems earlier in your life, and facing those things will have caused you to change. You will have become and able to take on the challenges that teenagers face.

So even though right now you may not be ready to face challenges teenagers face, you’ll be ready by the time you are a teenager.

And for the same reason, by the time you’re an adult, you’ll be able to get through adult problems as well.

Scary Things Will Always Be In Our Life

You may think that one day when you’re an adult, that thing will be sooo much better. That there won’t be anything that scares you or you worry about.

Maybe you think this because your Mommy and Daddy seem to always have things under control and can do a lot of things better than you.

Well, here’s a little secret we parents don’t normally like to talk about: We get scared too.

We have all sorts of problems we have to tackle every day.  Sometimes these problems are small, while at other times these problems are very big and can make us sad and scared.

Just because we’re older, doesn’t mean the problems go away. We just have different problems.

Because that’s life as a human. Those things are part of our journey. And we accept that.

What are the Lessons?

So what are the lessons here? There are two main ones.

First, Just realize that it’s normal to have things change a lot in your life and to go through scary times.

Scary or uncertain times are a normal part of the journey. But they are temporary. Nothing is permanent – everything changes.

That’s just how the universe and life works.

Second, when encountering scary life changes, unless you’re in danger don’t avoid or run away from those things. It is best to face them head-on.

We often try running away or avoiding things because we feel doing this will keep us safe. But it won’t.

Scary and uncertain times are part of the journey – these times often can’t be avoided and running away from them only makes them scarier.  It’s only when we face our challenges head-on do we come through things stronger.

Enjoy Your Journey

So best of luck on your journey. It won’t always be fun, and can sometimes be very scary, but many times it will be highly rewarding, and almost always exciting.

Embrace being human and be thankful you’re alive and been given the opportunity to have a journey – no matter where it may lead.



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