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Hi – I’m Bob Riley. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, own a software business, and am the father of twin eight-year-old boys.

Being a parent has been fun, but it’s also been incredibly challenging, partly due to the unique problems found in today’s society.

Parents are Stressed

Between kids starting homework in the first grade, the deluge of daily distractions, and nonsensical parenting advice found in the cultural ether, it’s easy for parents to become not only overwhelmed and but also confused.

So are Kids

Additionally, kids are growing up in a time of wealth, opportunity and endless entertainment but are also experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety and stress.

Why is this?

I believe it’s because although we’ve gained much materially, we’ve lost a sense of meaning, community, and family ties are weaker than in past generations.

My Philosophy

My approach to parenting and life draws on the best lessons of humanity’s past combined with the useful ideas of the modern, hi-tech world.

Too often, new societal trends are automatically viewed as being wholly superior to those of the past, with teachings of our recent and distant ancestors perceived as being simple-minded and worthless.

This is a mistake.

Societal lessons that have built up over the past 200 millennia have been hard won and without retaining the best of the parts of those lessons, society is left with intelligence but not wisdom.

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