Peer pressure

Peer pressure is a big challenge for all kids at one point or another.  Can you as a parent help? The short answer is yes, but it requires patience, effort, and understanding.

To help a child with peer pressure, one must first understand the contributing factors that can make peer pressure a problem.  What follows are what some of those problems could be and how you as a parent can help.  Read more

99 Parent Podcast Episode 3: How to Teach Kids to Do the Right Thing 1

With kids being exposed to thousands to information sources and other voices constantly, it can seem hard, if not impossible to ensure children are growing up with a set of values you approve of.

Today’s episode can help. We discuss a quick and easy tool you can employ to help instill the values you find important in your children.

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How to Teach Your Child to Do the Right Thing

How to Teach Kids to Do the Right Thing 2

This article is based on Episode 3 of the 99 Parent Podcast.

One of the most challenging things parents encounter is how to communicate values and ethics to kids.

If you’re like many parents, it’s done in a very informal way.

However, doing things in an ad-hoc manner can be problematic. When we don’t clearly state what’s right and what’s wrong, we end up leaving that up to the rest of society to do.

And a lot of times the lessons our kids learn from society aren’t the ones we want our kids living by.

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