parent child talking

Regular communication between parents and children is important and becomes increasingly more so as children enter the teen years.

Something that has helped my own family is participating in scheduled one-on-one meetings with my kids.

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Standing up to peer pressure

Peer pressure is a big challenge for all kids at one point or another.  Can you as a parent help? The short answer is yes, but it requires patience, effort, and understanding.

To help a child with peer pressure, one must first understand the contributing factors that can make peer pressure a problem.  What follows are what some of those problems could be and how you as a parent can help.  Read more

How to Help Kids Get Motivated About Homework 1

There are several reasons why kids are unmotivated when it comes to homework.  Once these reasons are understood they can be addressed, and once these reasons are addressed, children can be much more motivated to start and complete homework.

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