99 Parent Podcast Episode 1: Anxiety in Kids May Be Caused by Dependence 1

In this episode of the Parenting in the Digital Age podcast, we’ll discuss what could be contributing to your child’s anxiety: Psychological Dependence.

Dependence most often shows up as anxiety in both kids and adults. The causes of dependence are everywhere in modern society.

This episode kicks off a multi-part series on self-reliance.

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99 Parent Podcast episode 2: Self-Reliance as a Kid’s Superpower

Kid with rabbit hoodie crying

The following is based on the information contained in Episode 1 of the 99 Parent Podcast.

There are just so many challenges raising kids today. Today’s kids are growing up in a radically different environment than the one we grew up in. Networked electronics are everywhere. School is so demanding. More demanding than when I grew up, that’s for sure.

So many after-school obligations. Both parents working. That’s just scratching the surface.

This new environment is really impacting our kids. And many times in not a great way. Lots of kids are really stressed out and unhappy.

The stats bear this out. Suicide rates among children are up 34% since 2010. And self-injury Emergency Room visits by girls are up 40% in the 5 years between 2010 and 2015.

What exactly’s going on here?

That’s a complex question that requires a lot of digging. The 10,000 foot view of it is that the impact of technology on society has fundamentally changed what it means to be a kid. Or even to be a human for that matter.
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